Crafted handmade film for Vigor "Faixa Azul 80 years"
To celebrate its 80 years, the Blue Belt cheese brand launches a campaign, created by SunsetDDB, which tells the company's history and the trajectory of the Italian immigrant Vito Antonio D'April, the "Master Vito", who brought from Parma a recipe of parmesan family to the city of São Gonçalo do Sapucaí, in Minas Gerais, in 1940.
Using the language of cordel literature, the film brings the voice of the poet Bráulio Bessa, reciting the immigrant's story. To highlight the artisanal characteristic of the cheese, the piece is made with illustrations that seek to resemble a "living painting" of the brand's journey.
_ Agency _
Sunset DDB
_ Client _
_ Motionhand _
Creative Direction, Animation, Compositing, Post-production.
Direction & Animation: Estevão Puggina
Compositing & Post-production: Estevão Puggina
Setup & Vfx: Cesar Barbosa
Art and Paintings: Fábio Vido
Producer & Project Manager: Giuliano Springhetti
_ Creatives _
Art Director: Felipe Revite
Copywriter: Felipe Rosado
_ Music _ 
Compositor: Zé Godoy
Voice over: Braulio Bessa
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