Video Showcase for Hershey's "Her for She" Sisterhood Campaign
During the process of creating the 2022 " Her for She " campaign ( read and see here ), by Hershey's , the brand and BETC Havas realized that the word " sororidade " did not appear in several dictionaries . From there, came the idea of ​​creating the “ Dictionary of One Word Only ”, a book with definitions of the term , written by women : " influencers" , rappers , activists , scientists , scene directors, among others, from their points of view . Among the participants are Katu Mirim, Ryane Leão, Kananda and Julia Pak.
100 dictionaries were produced , which will be sent to " influencers" . A movie (watch below) presents the book's creation process and details . In the end, a message is sent to publishers that they now have " plenty of definitions to put in their dictionaries ".
" It is difficult to believe that this word, such an important topic for us, does not have a definition in the Brazilian dictionary . May this be the beginning of a strong appeal for Brazilian dictionaries to keep up to date with this and many other needs ", defends Anna Ferraz , head of production at BETC Havas.
 _ Agency _
BETC Havas
_ Client _
_ Awards & Nominees _
Cannes lions
1x Shortlist | Design
EL OJO de Iberoamerica
1x Silver | Graphic Production 
1x Bronze | Print
CCSP (Brazilian Creative Annual) 2022
1x In the Book | Design
1x In the Book |  Art DIrection
1x In the Book | Copywriting 
1x In the Book | Ilustration 
_ Motionhand _
Motion Direction, Animation, Compositing, 
and, Type Motion.
Motion director: Estevão Puggina
Animation & Compositing: Estevão Puggina
_ Creatives _
Creative Director: Marcelo Ribeiro
Art Direction: Philipe Demar
Illustration Art: Olho Bala
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