Call to Action film for AB-INBEV "Skol Hops" new beer CAMPAIGN
Discover Skol's pure malt beer with aromatic hops. The Brewery, which has a reputation for being bold and pioneering, decided to give itself to what we all love and created a recipe where hops are evident, thus resulting in Skol Hops. In a market where craft beers are increasing their territory every day, Skol lost the space of its Pilsen beer and saw a way to put itself in the middle of it all, launching Skol Hops, which is not really a craft beer.
Agency / Client _
F/Nazca Saatchi & Saatchi
Motionhand _
Direction, Animation, Compositing AND VISUAL EFFECTS.
Direction & Animation: Estevão Puggina
Compositing & EFFECTS: Estevão Puggina

Creative Direction: Leo Claret , Tony Fernandes
Art Direction: Wander Tosta

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