Flash . Against the Bureaucracy animated film
(Flash Contra a Burocracia)
Flash® is a flexible benefits company that brings together several benefits in a single application (app) and card, under the Mastercard® brand. A benefits package guarantees the possibility for the employees themselves to choose the benefits that best suit their reality and their routine. Thus, each employee has a “personalized” benefits package.
The film tells the story of the brand mascot "Mingo", a different bird full of up-to-date ideas to help with the excessive bureaucracy in the human resources of companies and help their day-to-day.
_ Agency / Client _
_ Motionhand _
Creative and animation direction, Cell animation,
Compositing, Music and Post-production.
_ Awards & Nominees _
Behance: After Effects
Direction: Estevão Puggina
Animation Directors: Estevão Puggina and Henrique Neumann
Art Illustration and Storyboard: Henrique Neumann
Cell Animation: Henrique Neumann and Maria Petrassi
Scenery and Blender: Pedro Peluso
Compositing: Marina Zucchi
Character design: Kickstory and Henrique Neumann
Music Composer: Ricardo Massao Fujii
Project Manager: Rafael Leme
Copywriter: Danilo Lima
_ Executive Producer _
Estevão Puggina
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