Global Film for Huawei Mobile Services "Happy New Year"
COVID-19 lockdown
Huawei Mobile Services faced the pandemic year as everyone else, challenged to reinvent itself and deal with global change. In the year 2020-21, the brand focused on creating and developing smart apps to link the external world to the inside, unifying new home world realities reuniting families, and making a difficult year into a lighter living style.
To expose their work and bring a happy new year through this Global Film, Grayling, Motionhand, and BlackMadre worked together to create and produced this beautiful animation,
telling this story through a little girl's eyes.
_ Agency _
Grayling London UK
_ Client _
Huawei Mobile Services
_ Motionhand _
Creative Direction, Animation Direction, Animation,
Compositing, Post-production, and Visual Effects.
Executive Producer: Estevão Puggina
Animation director: Estevão Puggina
Character Animation: Kenji Watanabe
Compositing: Estevão Puggina
Setup, & Rig: Cleber Bordin, Rafael Leme
Animation: Estevão Puggina, Kenji Watanabe, Caio Amaral
_ Blackmadre _
Creative Artwork, Art Direction, Illustration, Storyboard.
Head of Art: André Maciel
Concept & Illustration: Blackmadre
Project Manager & Account: Leticia Alves, Laryssa, Tina Castro
Creative Direction: Vidu Sales, André Maciel, Estevão Puggina
_ Music _
Thiago Guerra: Studio Concha
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