PINA_ . Hilma af Klint Expo
Short film for Hilma af Klint expo - on Cinema Spot

In 2018, the Pinacoteca brought to Brazil the exhibition Hilma Af Klint: Possible Worlds. If you've never heard of Hilma, that's fine. Nobody heard. 1200 of her paintings, some over 3 meters high, were hidden for decades in the basement of a house in the interior of Sweden. Hilma said that they had been commissioned by spirits, and that the public was not yet prepared for her messages. A very interesting story, which we tell in a campaign made up of ads , Cinema Spot and OOH.

Agency / Client _
F/Nazca Saatchi & Saatchi
Pinacoteta (PINA_)

Motionhand _
Direction & Animation.

Direction & Animation: Estev√£o Puggina
Art Director: Marcelo Almeida

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